WELCOME ~ Rovere Guitars, Handcrafted on Vancouver Island

At Rovere Guitars, Tradition Meets Renaissance.  Our approach to the art of luthiery could be best described as an effort to create instruments that achieve the perfect balance between the best of modern advancements and the contributions of the pioneers of the craft.

Luthier Dylan Rovere, loves the guitar for what it is and recognizes that if the balance tips too far toward trying to do something "new" the essence of what makes a guitar can be lost. At the same time, our contemporary concept of the guitar has evolved from earlier forms and Dylan believes we must continue to strive to build a better instrument or the art will stagnate and the guitar, as a tool for creating music, will lose its vitality. Simply put, his true passion for the art of luthiery comes from creating and building instruments that will provide a lifetime of inspiration and excitement.

Dylan has been designing and building stringed instruments for over 15 years. He works alone in his specialized luthiery shop on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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