CONSTRUCTION ~ Rovere Handcrafted Guitars

Wood, Metal, and Inspiration.  Dylan works alone and builds his instruments in sets of three. He hand selects only the finest materials and constructs every component himself. Dylan uses no plastic, synthetic, or laminated products in the construction of his instruments as he feels that even the smallest amount of these materials can inhibit the guitar's resonance.

Dylan's soundboard and brace material is split from billets before it is re-sawn to ensure maximum strength and tonal responsiveness. All woods are solid and quartersawn. He has an inventory of some of the most amazing tonewoods available and has access to almost any wood you could possibly desire. Because he builds each instrument individually, Dylan is not limited in design or materials. If you can imagine it, he can build it!

Dylan is not restricted by the limitations of a production-line so each instrument is truly an individual. A drawback of the "factory" approach to guitar construction is that every component of the guitar is constructed to pre-set specifications. This approach is problematic because no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. There can be great variations in the characteristics of the material. With an individual approach to building, each component is custom-made for each guitar resulting in an instrument with the perfect balance of structural resilience and a beautiful, responsive tone.

Custom Handcrafted Acoustic Steel-String & Resonator Guitars